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Jenny Pollak
Garry Winogrand
When you read these lines, think of me
and of what I have not written here.

Adrienne Rich, from Leaflets: Poems 1965-1968 (via hiddenshores)

(Source: mitochondria, via hiddenshores)


ACF Presents New Couture Line Avec Ces Freres
Travelling tailoring by travelling tailors. Huge Japan magazine, Dec 13

© Jason Langer

A Glimmer of Light by carl yeates
Before you left, you held my hand
gently, briefly, and I could feel
everything I love about you
in your hand. I could feel all of you.

— Iviva Olenick  (via thesoutherly)

(Source: larmoyante, via thesoutherly)


Aurore Belot
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