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Natalie Young

“Every sensitive person carries in himself old cities enclosed by ancient walls.” Robert Walser
(via Jonathan Carroll)
Ralph Gibson

“When you love someone deeply, you know secrets they haven’t told you yet. Or secrets they aren’t even aware of themselves. … She was also the person I wanted to share the trivia of my life with, because that too is part of the magic of concern: Whatever you live is important to them and they will help you through it, or perhaps even more importantly, they will help you to understand it.”
- Jonathan Carroll

Lovers, Time Square, New York, 1956, Frank Paulin. American, born in 1926.

“People who truly love us can be divided into two categories: those who understand us, and those who forgive us our worst sins. Rarely do you find someone capable of both.” 
-Jonathan Carroll
Angela Bacon Kidwell
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